Media Take Over!!!!!?

Shout out to my buddy Matt Branigan for putting me on the following 2 sites.

Sound Cloud and Mix Cloud…Have you heard of these streaming stereos???

Basically how they work is simple.  You sign up…you upload….you embed.  These internet streaming algorithms allow you to upload music to its server and then you can take the up loads and embed the on emails, blogs, MySpace, Twitter, FB…or most other social networks that are in our digital stratosphere today.

Sound Cloud is cool because its basic functions include: Tracking storage, stats of how many downloads your track received, Private sharing, and the widget is customizable-  you can add crazy pictures throughout the stream.  Of course they include the premium packages that have massive upgrades.

Mix Cloud is very similar to Sound Cloud….the main difference is Mix Cloud is not as user-friendly, but it is great in the fact that it acts like a Pandora Radio widget because along with your songs…it plays music that is similar to yours.

Both sites have social network aspects.  Listen to other “Clouds”, view profiles, get connected to their additional site: FB, twitter, MySpace etc.

Last thing is  This site supposedly gives you direct access to industry professionals such as Outkast’s Big Boi, John Rich,Dark Child, Brian Michael Cox,  Paul Worley, and a host of others.  The goal of this site is to give opportunity to aspiring media professional and bypass all the label BS. On roster they have music industry pros as well as film, graphic design, marketing, and just about anybody in media field.

For a fee ranging from ($10-200)- on average,  you can get direct contact with these professionals and get direct feedback via audio, video, or both…and the media professionals are obligated to get back to you within 30 days or you will receive a full refund.

I’m not sure how I feel about it yet…I did sign up.  I guess this is a chance to create an opportunity if you put your best foot forward…but I don’t know how I feel about paying $200.00/ submission for a critique?  What do you think?

As always here is a tune from Minneapolis Hip Hop Artist Toki Wright .  Track is called Devil’s Advocate off his new album “A Different Mirror”. Enjoy…

Printing These Thoughts to Tape,


3 thoughts on “Media Take Over!!!!!?

  1. Dear L. Byrd,
    Thank you for your post about Blazetrak. I am one of the Co-Founders of the company. I must commend you on being one of the first to blog about us with more accurate information than most. We have seen a lot of blogs go up that have misinterpreted our service offering which results in the spreading of false information. I truly open the floor to entertain any questions or comments you may have that will alleviate your concerns about Blazetrak. We spent several years developing a concept that we feel very passionate about as we were in the same position as many others out there looking for a platform to be heard by industry professionals. There are several sites and companies that promise you access and information for a fee, but truly don’t deliver. Our approach is simple. Skip directly to the source. If we had access to a service like Blazetrak years ago, we would have personally saved ourselves thousands of dollars paying “people who know people” and traveling across the globe searching for answers. It’s funny when people ask the question, “why would I pay for this” and then end up spending money for travel, accommodations, conference fees, and more to just get a glimpse of a person who they deem as a professional to help them with their endeavors. I will end my comments here, but clear up one statement you made. Professionals only provide you with a video or live response, not audio. That’s all! Thanks again for your post. Best Regards, Corey Stanford, Managing Partner, Co-Founder,

    • Corey,
      Thank you for being forward thinking with the concept of Blazetrak. I think that the concept is great. As an up and coming media professional, I truly understand the frustrations of trying to overcome obscurity and be heard by those that can help elevate ones career to the next level. I also would like to thank you for responding to my post and clearing up my misunderstanding of the Pro’s response method. I wish you the best of luck with your endeavors and look forward to hearing back from you again someday.


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